Events + Promotions

Leading brands face several event challenges:

  • Allocating and converting event spend into measurable ROI
  • Funnelling online connections into face-to-face relationships
  • Sparking customer curiosity on products and services
  • Amplifying event reach via digital and social platforms
  • Creating attraction by merging strategic and emotional tactics



  • Optimize high value, one-on-one meetings
  • Increase qualified lead engagement
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Improve brand loyalty


  • Experience & Environment Design
  • Digital Integration
  • B2B & B2C Trade Show Marketing
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Event Production
  • Pre-Show Tactics
  • Post-Event Marketing
  • Sampling (Mass & Strategic Intercept Sampling)
  • Guerrilla Street Teams
  • Promotional Products
  • Content Creation
  • Experiential Events
  • Golf & Incentive Events
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Pop-up Retail
  • In-Store Promotions
  • Nation-wide Marketing Campaigns
  • Advertising & PR Integration
  • Press Coverage, Awareness Campaigns


Simply put: we execute engaging + unique + personal customer-centric event experiences for multi-national brands.

From initial concept to the event booth/stage, leading brands look to Inspire to manage an end-to-end workflow of design, sourcing, production and fulfillment, including:

  • Event Logistics Planning
  • Experience Planning
  • Concept Development
  • Event Logistics
  • Pre-Publicity Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Production Installation
  • Execution & On-Site Coordination


Our event strategists provide:

  • Customer and audience insights
  • Industry insights (from consumer goods to technology)
  • Environment insights (from urban to hyper-local)
  • Market insights (from emerging to established and mature)

Our global network of suppliers and agnostic vendor selection results in your brand having the ability to seamlessly fulfill pre-show + event + post-marketing promotional products and materials across North America, at the click of a button.