Bring Your Marketing Collateral and Apparel Programs into the 21st Century

Increases for you in time, space, access and reporting are all available with an Online Company Store

Online Company Stores – Streamline your marketing collateral apparel programs with a branded company store. Brandmart, Inspire’s webstore platform allows you to manage inventory, budgets, and brand consistency of all your marketing collateral, premiums and apparel programs.

From one central digital location you can oversee, with global consistency and distribution, all of your marketing collateral and related materials. Inspire can even inventory the majority of your stock to free up some of that much valued office space, and send you only what you need, when you need it.

Illustration of Brandmart process

Effectively manage, order, analyze and distribute your apparel, premiums and marketing collateral.

Types of Inventory Agreements

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Client-Owned Inventory:
Pay For Your Inventory Upfront

Pros: Flexible product and sourcing options.
Cons: Could tie up cash flow.

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Supplier Owned Inventory:
Pay As You Use It

Pros: No up-front purchase of inventory.
Cons: Locked in to that supplier.

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No Inventory:
Print on Demand

Pros: Great while testing the market for popularity of product offering.
Cons: Longer lead times and higher costs.

Webstores Provide

  • 24 Hour Virtual Access
  • Inventory Control
  • Distribution Management
  • Usage and Budget Reporting
  • Time for Your Marketers to Market
  • Additional Office Space
  • Ability to Run Incentive Programs
  • Ability to Run Loyalty Programs